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Life changing therapies for children, families and communities.

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At Therapea we believe all children develop at different rates, however the sooner our therapists intervene with those who appear to be falling behind – the greater the impact it can have on their future, and lives of those who are closest to them.



Our compassionate and caring Psychologists work with people who need emotional and mental healthcare support, by providing guidance and practical strategies.



Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational Therapists focus on supporting children, adolescents and adults with physical, psychosocial, sensory and cognitive impairments.

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Creative Arts Therapy

Creative arts therapies apply artistic techniques to achieve participants’ therapeutic goals and create new patterns of healthy behaviour and living, and include music, dance and drama therapies.

Speech Therapy

Human beings crave to be understood; and for those with developmental delays or with a diagnosed disability, this is even more so. 



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